Who We Are

The objectives of this association shall be to foster, promote, and protect the interests of those engaged as employers in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Our close affiliation with SMACNA’s national organization allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of the sheet metal and air conditioning industry. SMACNA Boston works to inform our members of any regulatory, legislative, technical, and legal issues that make an impact on our industry. Our Government Relations Committee travels to Washington, DC on an annual basis to address our Congressional Delegation on legislation affecting our industry. Through the years, we have also developed strong ties to the leadership at the state and local levels. Through these efforts, we are able to keep our members aware of what is happening in their state and on Capitol Hill.

We work closely with Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 17 (Eastern MA, ME, NH, and RI) and Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 63 (Western MA and VT) to promote harmony in labor and management relations. Over the years, we have enjoyed success in negotiating area collective bargaining agreements and implementing policy that benefits our industry. SMACNA Boston strives to create a level playing field so that our contractors can maintain the health and prosperity of their businesses.

Membership Benefits

For our members, we provide representation during labor negotiations, regular updates on industry and government affairs, and educational seminars and training programs. Through SMACNA’s national parent organization, we stay informed of the most recent issues regarding training, safety, and technology. Our relationships across the industry and with other affiliated trade associations gives a great advantage to our members trying to compete in the Northeast.



James Morgan
Worcester Air Conditioning Co., Inc.

Executive Director
Thomas J. Gunning
SMACNA - Boston

Associate Executive Director
John Ferrante
SMACNA - Boston

1st Vice President
Roy Ricci
McCusker-Gill, Inc.

2nd Vice President
Barry Dwyer
Boston Air Systems, LLC

Office Manager
Jeanne E. Tempesta

Director of Finance
Heather O'Brien

Executive Committee

Paul Sughrue, Jr.
Excel HVAC Inc.

Robert Nee
Hamilton – Nee Air Systems Inc.

Kevin Gill
McCusker-Gill, Inc.

Bill Murphy
Harrington Air Systems, LLC