Air Flow Measurements Course

Please be advised that on March 12, 2019 from 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm. Jim Riendeau of EBTRON and Buckley Associates will be hosting a training seminar at Local #17 Training Center for all TAB Technicians and Sheet Metal Workers who wish to attend. Below is an overview of the course content.

Air Flow Measurements

  • Pressurization fundamentals – the pressurization airflow.
  • Outdoor intakes – internal/external factors influencing intake flow rates.
  • Airflow measurement paths for building pressure and outdoor air control.
  • Control strategies – how poor control strategies can undermine your work.
  • Accuracy requirements for control of the pressurization and intake rates.
  • Startup and verification basics – understanding equipment and tools you.
  • Verification vs. adjustment – when/when not to adjust?
  • Techniques that minimize uncertainties and improve building performance

The course is especially geared towards TAB technicians and meets CEU requirements for those whose certifications need to be renewed in March.  The course will also be good for CEUS for Fire/Smoke techs which most of the industry carries.

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